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Professional Baseball

Joe Saunders throwing a bullpen

I love baseball. I love staring at statistics. I am one of the few females who plays fantasy baseball. I love attending baseball games. Before I even moved to America (and had a goal of visiting all the different baseball parks in America), I attended different professional baseball games in Asia.

Here’s a guide to fellow baseball fans, who want to attend baseball games, or get baseball cards in the world.


I watched a Japanese professional baseball team years ago, and used Japan Baseball and Sumo for schedule information. I got my tickets at the stadium’s ticket counter on the day of, but I found their schedule information very useful.


Taiwan currently has four professional baseball teams, and they have games spread across Taiwan. Interestingly, there are more ballparks than there are professional teams, and it is possible for two teams to play at a park, which is neither team’s home park.

For more information, read Taiwanese Professional Baseball.


2012 Taiwan Series in Taoyuan (near Taipei): Uni Lions vs. Lamigo Monkeys

2011 Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium: Trip Report

United States

I do hope to visit all the different MLB parks eventually. Here are some of my trips, including Spring Training. I am a Mariners fan (and do hope to write a comprehensive guide to Safeco Field at some point)!

Spring Training:
Arizona Peoria Sports Complex, March 2011


Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Miami Marlins @ Chase Field, June 2016
Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels @ O.Co Coliseum, 18 June 2016
San Francisco AT&T Park, September 2015
Tampa Bay vs. Baltimore Orioles @ Tropicana Field, September 2015

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