Lounge Review: Kota Kinabalu (BKI) Plaza Premium Lounge, 05 November 2016

Plaza Premium Lounge Kota Kinabalu

The Kota Kinabalu Plaza Premium Lounge is of a decent-sized, and offers food cooked to order. I probably wouldn’t pay for it, but it’s an average international lounge, and was pretty empty when I visited.

Plaza Premium Lounge Kota Kinabalu

The space is pretty large, and is divided into the dining area, and the lounging area. There are monitors displaying flight information scattered around the lounge.

While the buffet available is rather unappetizing, they do have cooked-to-order food options. When I was there, I was interested in the black pepper chicken, but they were out of that. They only had the pasta option, which I had zero interest in, so I didn’t get anything to eat in the lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge Kota Kinabalu

They do have sodas and other beverages in the fridge for self service. I did go to the bathroom, and it was clean. One source of annoyance? While the place is outfitted with USB chargers at the base of their lamps, it seems like none of them worked!

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Lounge Review: Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Terminal (KLIA2) Plaza Premium Lounge (near Gates P&Q), 26 September 2016

Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA 2

This lounge is decent-sized, and has a decent food and drink selection, particularly relative to the other Plaza Premium Lounge close to gate L, but I guess you can’t choose, because you’re restricted by your gate of departure.

Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA 2

This lounge has a few separate areas. Upon entry, you’ll find the dining area, and about four tables and accompanying chairs for those who wish to grab a bite. Further inwards, there are more lounge-type chairs, and tarmac views.

Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA 2

In terms of food and beverages, they have some hot selections, like noodles on offer, and they also had quite an array of desserts when I was there in the afternoon. There was also sodas available for self service.

It’s not a bad place to kill some time.

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Lounge Review: Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Terminal (KLIA2) Plaza Premium Lounge (near Gate L8), 24 September 2016

Plaza Premium Lounge @ KLIA 2

This has got to be the smallest lounge I’ve been to. There’re probably like two rows of chairs in the lounge, and from the sofa, you can see people sitting at the gate area, waiting for their flights. As you can see from the main picture, I’m actually in the lounge. Behind me, it’s the wall, and the guy sitting in the plastic chair is in the gate area.

Plaza Premium Lounge @ KLIA 2

Food and drinks are very limited in this lounge. Like one counter limited. I guess you can always make your instant noodles. I had to ask the staff for a soda, because it was not stocked.

It’s ok as a free lounge that comes with my priority pass, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone pay for this one.

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Malaysia – Legoland (Johor Bahru), 11 October 2012

Today was a mission of three, which includes a little three year old going to Legoland. Legoland is about 10 min drive from the second-link and we managed to get across from pretty quickly, since it was a weekday. They have quite a bit of signage, but I got lost after following the signs for an exit. I needed some help from my cell phone before finding it. Hopefully others will have better luck finding it. Even after getting lost, it took a total of 45 mins from central Singapore. If you don’t have a car, many tour agencies in Singapore provide coaches from Singapore to Legoland, and along with entrance tickets, cost SGD 65 – SGD 70. The entrance was kinda weird. We had problem finding it, because they had a mall we had to walk through before we could get to the entrance.

Legoland has enough rides for different age groups. For the little ones, it might be advisable for them to be at least 90 cm, for them to be able to participate in more rides. 100-120 cm is probably better, though. If you are a roller coaster junkie, this is probably not for you. But this is good enough for the average thrill seeker. I’m pretty chicken, so I don’t really need crazy roller coasters.

As for food, it was pretty decently priced. We paid 60 RM for a family meal, which came with a 14 inch pizza and 4 sodas and 4 soups. Just glad it didn’t break the bank. One note – you might not want to go if it’s raining. They closed all the rides when there was lightning, and there are not many features that are indoors.

The Lego mart does sell pretty interesting things, particularly little lego souvenirs. For instance, they have keychains and fridge magnets. You can also get an engraving for 10 RM.

While the tickets are a little pricey, there are some options for you to get cheaper tickets:

1. 22% – Lucky Plaza. They sell tickets that they bought for groups to individuals.

2. 25% – book online 7 days in advance on the Legoland website.

3. 30% – there are some discount coupons floating around for 30%

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia

Lego Singapore


Singapore made of lego

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Malaysia – Pulau Redang, 27-29 July 2011

Courtesy of the generous parents, we went on a cruise with Star Cruises to Pulau Redang. We got a balcony room near the front of the boat, which was totally sweet, and I did spend some of the (non-rainy) mornings sitting there, reading while gazing at the South China Sea. Well, the main stop for this trip was Pulau Redang. Having heard much about this beach on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, and not having been to the east coast, I was excited about this.

I have pretty mixed feeling about this place. We had only about 4 hours to explore Pulau Redang, and everyone was dropped off at the same place. The first sight of the beaches was definitely mesmerizing. It was a beautiful contrast of powdery white sand and blue-green clear waters. Just one downside – way too many people. Imagine about 500 people suddenly descending on a beach together with you.

As a little note to other people who might want to visit Pulau Redang. The fastest way to get there is by plane. You can get there by Firefly Airlines or Berjaya Air. If you are going there, you *might* not want to stay at Berjaya Redang Resort on some days. It looks absolutely fabulous, and looks like likes of fun as well, with a good beach in front. But perhaps once a week, a Star Cruise will unload its passengers onto the beach. I can’t imagine how it would be pleasant to suddenly have a deluge cruise ship passengers flood the your private beach.

This is where they filmed the Ritchie Ren and Sammi Cheng film – Summer More More Tea

Beautiful Beach of Pulau Redang

Seeing Singapore Harbour from the cruise ship

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Malaysia – Johor Bahru, 26 August 2010

Today, a couple of us went to JB for a day-trip. On the agenda: go-kart and paintball.


The new Permas go-kart is about 20min drive from the Causeway. It is under the same operators as the previous Permas go-kart, and moved to its present location 3.5 km deep in an oil-palm plantation some two years ago. The journey to it is somewhat interesting. Below are some pictures taken along the way.

On the way to Permas Karting Circuit

On the way to Permas Karting Circuit

Permas Go-Kart has a range of cars for adults (from 5.5 horsepower to 32 horsepower) and kids, and the circuit itself is pretty interesting. There are many sharp turns, and plenty of space for overtaking, not to mention a challenging U-turn right after a downhill stretch. Below is a photo of the circuit

Permas Circuit

Below are some of their rates (for 10 mins):

Kids: 20 RM (weekday); 25 RM (weekend)


5.5 Horsepower: 30 RM (weekdays); 35 RM (weekends)

13 Horsepower: 50 RM (weekdays); 55 RM (weekends)

25 Horsepower: 80 RM

32 Horsepower: 700 RM (for one hour)

For more information, (including how to get there from Singapore), go to:


Next, we drove to Danga City Mall for a game of paintball. It was cheap, albeit painful fun. On weekdays, it is 35 RM per person. After 5 pm, it is 40 RM per person. And on weekends, it is 45 RM per person. The price includes 100 paintballs. Overalls come at an extra charge of 5 RM. Below is the site for more details:

Danga Mall Paintball

For another perspective of the day, cf this.

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Itinerary: Malaysia – Sarawak, 27 May – 03 June 2010

The great festival, Gawai is calling. Lords of Death are going!

27 May: Singapore – Kuching

28 May: Kuching – Mulu

29 May: Mulu

30 May: Mulu – Kuching

31 May: Kuching – Saratok

01 June: Saratok

02 June: Saratok – Kuching

03 June: Kuching – Singapore

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Malaysia – Pulau Sapi, 16 May 2005

There are several islands that are within a short boat ride (like less than 1hr) from Kota Kinabalu. After some discussion, we settled on Pulau Sapi.

There are very limited food options (if any) on Pulau Sapi, so be sure to pack some food for your trip there. The entrance fees were fairly neglible (~10 RM), and as we didn’t have gear, we also rented snorkeling equipment for about ~10 RM.

The waters here were clear, and there was some decent marine life (though not that much). It was a fairly decent swimming beach, with powdery sand by the beach, and clear, blue waters. The beach area is pretty small, though, as it is mostly forested. In fact, we saw a pretty big monitor lizard when we were having lunch.

Well, we got so preoccupied with snorkeling that we ended up with sunburn. Be generous with sunblock if you do come!

Sapi 2.jpg


Sapi 4.jpg

Some spikey sea creature – fine, I’m not good with names!

Sapi 5.jpg


Mucho fish

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Malaysia – Kota Kinabalu, 15 May 2005

Our muscles were screaming when we woke up. We were certainly taking things slow. Not much on the itinerary, except to go get ferry tickets for our boat trip out to the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park the next day.

After that, there was just some leisurely walking around. The other two decided to go check out the mall, and I just waited around while Elaine went shopping.

Shopping Mall.jpg

Mall in Kota Kinabalu

Street Market.jpg


Street Market

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Malaysia – Mount Kinabalu, 14 May 2005

Due to my illness, I lay in bed while Elaine scaled the summit on her own, waking at 2am. Sleep eluded me most of the night, but I was sorry to let it go when I had to wake up at 9am, when Elaine returned from her successful climb of Mount Kinabalu.

After a short rest, we trekked down to Laban Rata for our buffet breakfast before we started our 6km descent from Mount Kinabalu. As I was rather eager to descend to alleviate some of the ailments I was suffering from including shortness of breath and an aching head, while Elaine and Yie Hou were inconvenienced, I left for the foot of the hill on my own.

My solo journey down is a testimony to the friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism of the mountain guides. Although they were not my guide, seeing me on my own, several of them decided to make it part of their duty to monitor my descent by voluntarily walking behind me and one of them even lent me his raincoat when it rained. And all these help was offered with no expectation of return, only part of their goodwill!

5 hours later, at the foot of the mountain at Timpohon Gate, I patiently waited for Elaine and Yie Hou, which was quite a long wait as I was informed that Yie Hou’s leg was in such a bad shape that he needed our guide Saigul to carry him down some parts of the mountain.

Thankfully, the ever thoughtful Hezrod had our lunch (more like dinner at this point) ready for us at Liwagau, when the duo finally managed to make their way down the mountain.

On the way back to Kota Kinabalu, we managed to catch a beautiful sunset set against the back drop of the majestic Mount Kinabalu, whose spectacular height still turns us into gawking fools. To think that Hugh Low actually managed to scale this unpaved mountain close to a century ago unaided! *blinks hard*


Food place at the base camp – they had a good lobster bisque!

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