Courtesy of the generous parents, we went on a cruise with Star Cruises to Pulau Redang. We got a balcony room near the front of the boat, which was totally sweet, and I did spend some of the (non-rainy) mornings sitting there, reading while gazing at the South China Sea. Well, the main stop for this trip was Pulau Redang. Having heard much about this beach on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, and not having been to the east coast, I was excited about this.

I have pretty mixed feeling about this place. We had only about 4 hours to explore Pulau Redang, and everyone was dropped off at the same place. The first sight of the beaches was definitely mesmerizing. It was a beautiful contrast of powdery white sand and blue-green clear waters. Just one downside – way too many people. Imagine about 500 people suddenly descending on a beach together with you.

As a little note to other people who might want to visit Pulau Redang. The fastest way to get there is by plane. You can get there by Firefly Airlines or Berjaya Air. If you are going there, you *might* not want to stay at Berjaya Redang Resort on some days. It looks absolutely fabulous, and looks like likes of fun as well, with a good beach in front. But perhaps once a week, a Star Cruise will unload its passengers onto the beach. I can’t imagine how it would be pleasant to suddenly have a deluge cruise ship passengers flood the your private beach.

This is where they filmed the Ritchie Ren and Sammi Cheng film – Summer More More Tea

Beautiful Beach of Pulau Redang

Seeing Singapore Harbour from the cruise ship