Final day of the boat trip, captain Mat brought us to our last snorkelling site, which is also known as R poo bay, because he pooped in the bay the last time, and the water current changed directions, bringing the poop to the rest of the crew (resulting in a mad scramble away from the floating poop). A man of tradition, he repeated it once again. Thankfully, the direction of the water current didn’t change this time round.

After the morning snorkel (which I did not join), Captain Mat bested himself. It’s really a shame he isn’t a chef or something – he made us ayam goreng kecap manis (fried chicken with sweet soy sauce). It was delicious and we cleaned up the plate. All in all, an excellent boat trip!

After landing in Labuan Bajo, we had about an hour to kill before our flight, so we headed to the fancy Tree Top for some ice cold beer. It was decently-priced and had a good view of the harbour. We didn’t climb to the top. (and you probably shouldn’t if you plan on getting pissed drunk)

Getting back to Bali, we were pretty much just left with time for dinner (after a VERY, VERY welcome shower after three days of not bathing). We went to Poppies Lane and had Mexican, concluding our little expedition to Komodo.

Our boat to Komodo

View of Labuan Bajo Bay from Tree Top