Today, a couple of us went to JB for a day-trip. On the agenda: go-kart and paintball.


The new Permas go-kart is about 20min drive from the Causeway. It is under the same operators as the previous Permas go-kart, and moved to its present location 3.5 km deep in an oil-palm plantation some two years ago. The journey to it is somewhat interesting. Below are some pictures taken along the way.

On the way to Permas Karting Circuit

On the way to Permas Karting Circuit

Permas Go-Kart has a range of cars for adults (from 5.5 horsepower to 32 horsepower) and kids, and the circuit itself is pretty interesting. There are many sharp turns, and plenty of space for overtaking, not to mention a challenging U-turn right after a downhill stretch. Below is a photo of the circuit

Permas Circuit

Below are some of their rates (for 10 mins):

Kids: 20 RM (weekday); 25 RM (weekend)


5.5 Horsepower: 30 RM (weekdays); 35 RM (weekends)

13 Horsepower: 50 RM (weekdays); 55 RM (weekends)

25 Horsepower: 80 RM

32 Horsepower: 700 RM (for one hour)

For more information, (including how to get there from Singapore), go to:


Next, we drove to Danga City Mall for a game of paintball. It was cheap, albeit painful fun. On weekdays, it is 35 RM per person. After 5 pm, it is 40 RM per person. And on weekends, it is 45 RM per person. The price includes 100 paintballs. Overalls come at an extra charge of 5 RM. Below is the site for more details:

Danga Mall Paintball

For another perspective of the day, cf this.