Com Nieu Saigon,

19 Tu Xuong, Ho Chi Minh City

Ever since I watched Anthony Bourdain’s show on Com Nieu, I wanted to try it. So, today I finally went out to district 3 to try it for lunch.

Com Nieu is claypot rice, and I think the main selling point for this place is the theatrics that comes with it. They break the claypot, and toss the rice across the dining area, give it a few more tosses. If you are lucky, the server might even oblige with an extra roll. Taste-wise, it is crispy, and as they drizzle sesame oil over it, it is very fragrant. Just a tad pricey at 50000 dong (~2.5 USD/4 SGD).

Breaking the claypot

He catches the rice

Gives it an extra little toss

The tasty end result

We ordered three other dishes to go with it:

Tofu and Mushroom

Garlic Pork Ribs

Hanoi Spicy Fish Soup

The rest of the dishes were very nice, albeit a little pricey for Vietnamese standards. The whole meal costs around 300,000 dong (15 USD/23 SGD). A small point to note: the servers tend to try and recommend the more expensive dishes that cost around 150,000 dong (8 USD/12 SGD). There are, however, cheaper dishes available on the menu.