Given that this is the fifth time I am here, I didn’t do much today, except walk towards Highlands cafe for some coffee and work.

Some interesting/depressing sights along the way:

Poster of Ton Duc Thang

I was quite surprised to see a poster of him, as the predominant figure of most posters is Ho Chi Minh. Ton Duc Thang is the first president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. For more on him, check out Imagined Ancestries Of Vietnamese Communism: Ton Duc Thang And The Politics Of History And Memory (Critical Dialogues in Southeast Asian Studies).

Some call the phone booth a home

The dazzling growth of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam has its costs – the rich-poor gap has just widened, and some now call phone booths home, in a city which has seen the rise of housing costs, amongst other living costs.