Brought the crew to Quan An Ngon for dinner, which was as usual, a hit. But shall not post on that, since I post a little too often about Quan An Ngon, and all that it has to offer.

A variation from the eating routine tonight was ice cream at Fanny’s in Vincom Tower on Hai Ba Trung Street. Fanny is an ice cream chain that was set up in Vietnam in 1994. For more of its history, you can check out Fanny’s website. We ordered avocado, durian and chocolate flavours, and cost range from 24,000 to 35,000 dong per scoop (1.50 USD/2 SGD to 2 USD/3SGD). The sundaes are cheaper per scoop. Obviously, I had zero interest in the durian, but I could certainly smell it, even if I didn’t try it. Avocado tasted like avocado, and the chocolate was smooth and pretty intense. I liked it.

Fanny’s Ice Cream

After ice cream and more walking, the rest of the crew decided to go shopping. I did one of my favourite things – perched myself on one of those flimsy plastic stools by the side walk, and proceeded to try another dish that I have not tried – bot chien. This looks like the Singaporean carrot cake, and looks to be fried radish with egg, accompanied by a dark fish sauce. According to the lady who made it, it is a Laotian dish. It tasted a little bland, but it was a good experience. Wallet damage? 20,000 dong (1 USD/1.50 SGD)

Bot Chien

Watching the world go by on my little stool