Peoria Sports Complex: Mariners vs. LAD SS

10 30: We woke up too late for the hotel breakfast again. My stomach wasn’t helping. I also convinced mister that the Mariners are kinda unpopular, so we probably can get Spring Training tickets when we arrive at Peoria.

11 00: The line at In & Out by the Peoria Sports Complex is insane. I still couldn’t get the Ultimate Animal-Style Fries from the secret menu (Chili cheese fries), just Animal-Style Fries (Cheese fries). Oh well.

Animal-Style Fries and Choc/Strawberry shake, In & Out

12 00: Yep, nobody loves the Mariners, so we managed to get tickets at the gate. FWIW, if you want to sit at the lawn (the cheapest tickets) on a weekend late in Spring Training, you might want to purchase that in advance. Those were sold out. We did want seats in the stands that were in the shade, because the sun was brutal.

Peoria Sports Complex

15 00: I was falling asleep, so we left in the 7th inning (before Kyle Seager hit his third hit for the day). We got some Starbucks to keep our energy up.

15 30: We checked in at our second hotel in Arizona. We were really pleased with our upgrade!

17 00: Mister suggested we attend a NHL game. I didn’t even know that Arizona has a NHL game. Aye aye, sir! We got tickets via Stubhub. It’s Arizona Coyotes vs. Philadelphia Flyers.

18 15: Time to set out for game at Gila River Arena in Glendale.

Gila River Arena

19 00: At the gate, we found out that the seller on Stubhub either accidentally uploaded expired tickets from two days ago, or did it on purpose to try and cheat a buyer. If it’s the latter, MATT JOHNSON, I hope your p**** falls off. And Stubhub, shame on you for not doing better verification. We did get tickets at the gate, and Stubhub refunded our purchase, and gave us a $20 Fan Code for the next purchase.

21 00: A bunch of goals were scored by the Coyotes, there was a fist fight. That’s all I ask for at an ice hockey game. My stomach was killing me at this point, so I requested we leave by the end of the second period.

Arizona Coyotes vs. Philly Flyers @ Gila River Arena

23 00: We ate a late dinner of leftovers in our suite (I completely forgot we actually had leftovers). The microwave came in super handy.