Sports is big at this Starbucks

A lot of time was wasted today at the Phoenix car rental. Payless car rental at Phoenix is now on my shit list of car rental companies.

11 00: While waiting for our flight, mister and I had a discussion about transportation options in Phoenix. When I first booked the trip, car rentals at Phoenix were exorbitant (~300 USD for 2 days). Apparently, last minute prices for car rentals are lower and more reasonable – ~ 100 USD for 2 days. We actually have about 9 Lyft rides, and 2 Uber rides between us, so we were still undecided.

11 30: Just as the airplane door was closing, we decided to just pre-emptively book a car rental via the Southwest app, because it was ~ 120 USD all inclusive on Payless.

12 30: After standing in the long Payless line for what felt like an hour, we got to the counter. The guy truly sucked. If I didn’t actually look at the paper work, and just signed, I wouldn’t have noticed that they changed our guaranteed rates from 120 USD to …. 300 USD. This was by a bunch of extra insurance, and extra fees that I did not need at all. When I asked the guy at the counter, he just hemmed and hawed. I don’t like bait and switch tactics. When I asked to cancel the reservation, his best argument? “Oh, but I’ve already filled it” (So what?) … “Oh, but you won’t get the credit card funds hold cancelled for another few days”. Seeya! We ended up renting at Firefly for ~150 USD.

15 00: That’s how long our car rental ordeal took. We arrived at the hotel (15 min away from the airport) only 2 hrs after touchdown. I was still sick, and I had a fantasy baseball draft at 7 pm, so we decided to take it easy.

16 00: Food run. Arizona Mills is pretty awesome for this. Mister also needed some allergy medication.

18 30: Fantasy baseball time. Hotel wifi cut out a few times (ARGGGHHH!). I ended up with Ryan Braun against my wishes (thanks, Sheraton!). I’ll live.