New Mexico I unilaterally decided that we visit Taos, because it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. I messed up, because they have months open to visitors. Regardless, it was a nice drive, and I really enjoyed checking out New Mexico architecture. It’s about as iconic as Greek architecture. The drive there and back was amazing, too.

10 00: We set off from the hotel.

11 00: Mister was starving, because we missed the hotel breakfast. We wound up at Denny’s at Santa Fe. That’s my first trip to Denny’s. Pretty good value for money, if somewhat artery clogging.

12 00: Slow drive up to Taos. We enjoyed the scenery, stopping along the way to take pictures of the gorge, and to take in the Rio Grande.

New Mexico

14 00: Taos of tourist interest is closed to visitors, as it’s not tourist season. Bummer. We had to be content with Taos, the tourist town. I went to get a cup of drip at a cat-themed cafe in town, and got some writing done.

15 00: Drive back. We stopped along even more sites for pictures. We took pictures of Rio Grande.

Kitty Cafe at Taos

19 00: We arrived back in Albuquerque, staying at a downtown hotel this time. Downtown is pretty date. Creepy!

New Mexico