Hyatt Regency Boston

The Hyatt Regency Boston is a four-star hotel, that is centrally-located in the Theater District, and a short walk (~10 min) from South Station, so it’s a convenient hotel to get to from the airport.

They have updated the property in the last year or so, so their rooms have a modern décor, with some retro furniture.

Check In/Check Out:

I was actually rather nervous about checking in, because I arrived at 6ish am. To my pleasant surprise, my room was ready for me.

I did a web check out. So I just clicked a button, and dropped my keys in the key box.

Hyatt Regency Boston Executive Suite


I used a Diamond Suite Upgrade, and was confirmed into an Executive Suite (530 sq ft). The suite is large, but slightly oddly shaped, because the hotel is slightly oddly shaped. The living area is rectangular, but the bedroom is triangular.

In terms of decoration, it’s an updated room, so think a semi-industrial design, i.e. grey couches, closet doors that look like a bomb shelter entrance, and floor lamps taller than most humans.

Hyatt Regency Boston

The living room just has a 3-person sectional facing a TV, with a coffee table, and a cabinet with the mini-fridge and the Keurig coffee machine. The King bed occupies the center of the bedroom, and there’s a small seating area with two armchairs by the little triangular nook, and a number of benches.

Hyatt Regency Boston Executive Suite

The bathroom is separated into vanity and toilet/shower stall, with the closet being located in the vanity. It’s a pretty good idea, because it means that someone can be showering in privacy, while the vanity is available. One of the more questionable choices is leaving the spare toilet roll by the vanity, instead of the separate toilet/shower area. It’d make for quite a situation if you ran out of toilet paper. With it being winter, the marble floors are also a tad cold, and I couldn’t find flip flops (and left my flip flops in Seattle).

Hyatt Regency Boston Executive Suite

Hyatt Regency Boston

The shower is low-flow, and they stock KenetMD products. No real comments. I thought the conditioner was a little bit weird, and a strange gluey-texture. The low-flow shower also reminded me of the low-flow shower Seinfeld episode.


As an updated room, there are power outlets aplenty. There are USB chargers, and power outlets on both sides of the bed, and power outlets by all the lamps. That was very helpful if you lug around a bunch of electronics like I do.

On the downside, there wasn’t really a work desk, so I sat on the couch and worked on the coffee table.


Although I was given premium wifi, it was actually pretty slow. I highly suspect it had something to do with the location of the room. The living room is closer to more central parts of the hotel, while the bedroom is further away, and the wifi speed slowed down, when I moved from the living room to the bedroom.


An amazing perk of being a Hyatt Diamond is the breakfast benefit at full service Hyatt properties. If a property has no club lounge, you can get a full breakfast for up to four people on your reservation (if there’s a lounge, breakfast will be served there). Hyatt defines a full breakfast as either a buffet breakfast, or an entrée with juice and coffee.

After surveying the underwhelming-looking buffet breakfast (lots of carbs, bacon/sausage, and egg station), I ordered a Maine lobster egg benedict ($24), along with orange juice ($4) and coffee ($4). I thought it tasted ok. It was certainly filling, and of course, I can’t complain about getting a $40 (taxes and gratuities are waived as well) breakfast for free.

Lobster Eggs Benedict at Hyatt Regency Boston


I loved the location, the updated room, and I had a good night’s sleep on the very comfortable bed. Considering that I actually just paid $120, this was incredible value.

This was my first suite upgrade at Hyatt. While the suite is nice, I might have actually preferred a standard room at a higher level.