Boston Theater District 05 30 – God, I’m getting too old for redeyes!

05 40 – My butt is freezing over. Thankfully they do display what time the silver line bus comes so I can roll out just in time for it. Free bus ride to town from the airport!!! 😀 😀 😀

06 00 – Wow, nothing is open in Boston at this hour (a lot of Seattle cafes will be open by this hour). But yay! The hotel lets me check in at this super early hour.

13 00 – ZZZ. Guess I should get my butt out of bed, and go get some food. Free Chipotle (an oopsy from their E-Coli fiasco)!

Snow at Boston Waterfront

14 00 – Waterfront is pretty nice. How much will they pay me if I threw a case of tea out of the Museum of Boston Tea Party? 😀

Quincy Marketplace, Boston

15 00 – Quincy Market is pretty nice. I like food halls. Guess I’ll be eating dinner here. Shopping at Faneuil Hall, not so much.

15 30 – Work. Time passes faster when you are people-watching while grading papers on Nazi Germany.


18 00 – Hello lobster bisque bread bowl ($9). Good idea in theory, except I don’t like bread. How did I forget that I don’t like bread? Nice little stroll down the Theater District back to hotel.

Lobster Bisque Bread Bowl

21 00 – Cannot be lame and enjoy hotel suite/TV marathon. Went to Thinking Cup Coffee. No free wifi (their secured wifi is called “talktosomeone”), but it offers a great view of Boston Commons.

Thinking Cup at Boston Commons View of Work Today - Thinking Cup at Boston Commons