Boston Commons

0830 – It’s 5.30 in the West Coast … ZZZ *hits snooze button*

0930 – Argh! Must get out of bed for complimentary hotel breakfast! Maine lobster eggs benedict was just ok. Give me coffee!!!


1130 – It’s sunny! It’s sunny! I took a stroll through the Boston Commons, and walked towards Copley Square. It’s nice to walk out of the crazy streets of downtown, and walk a more grid-like plan. Beautiful architecture.


1300 – Time to work! Bates Hall in the Boston Public Library is gorgeous, and has decent wifi.

View of Work Today - Boston Public Library Bates Reading Room

1530 – It’s too nice out there. No gorgeous reading room in the world is nicer than a sunny day in winter! I walked through Chinatown. Looks larger than Seattle, and looks like interesting food options.


1600 – Settled in a Starbucks, and was hoping to sit until 1845 so I can check in for my flight back to Seattle, and re-pick my seat.

1730 – Starbucks staff announces closure at 1800. Plan shot. Time to walk to Boston Seaport to check-in at next hotel for reliable wifi.

South Boston

1820 – In room. Not much around there. Thank goodness for Jimmy John’s and Dunkin Donuts. Must eat Dunkin Donuts while in Boston! I actually got a Boston Kreme even though I actually dislike Boston Kreme. It tasted a lot better than I thought.

1845 – Scored a good seat on Alaska! 🙂

1900 – I’m too lazy to leave the hotel. ZZZ