Lounge Review: ANA Lounge, Lisbon, Portugal, 26 Dec 2015

ANA Lounge Lisbon

After navigating the labyrinth of Duty Free shops (there’s no escape, people, NO ESCAPE) after security check, you’ll enter a big square (Lisbon Square). If you look up, you’ll see the ANA Lounge. It is obvious, it is just right there.

ANA Lounge Lisbon

It is a comfortable lounge with fast wifi – this is probably the fastest wifi I got in Portugal to date. I had to print out a boarding pass for my Ryanair flight, and the receptionists at the counter were happy to do it for me gratis. If you want a shower, it costs ~15 EUR.

ANA Lounge Lisbon

The lounge is spacious. To the left is where the food/drinks are. The center seating area generally has the power outlets, and comfortable individual lounge chairs. To the right, there’s a darker area with a TV screen if you want to just hang back and relax. There is also a flight information panel in the middle of the room.

To the edges of the lounge, they also have lounge chairs orientated towards the tarmac. These do not offer power plugs.

The food selection looked decent, though I was too stuffed at this point to eat anything. The food seemed to be mostly sandwiches, and some fruit, and was restocked with regularity. They also have some wines, and your usual suspects. The soda fridge was kinda not cold, though. They do have the Nespresso machine, which made me excited.

ANA Lounge Lisbon

Overall, this is a nice lounge with fast wifi, and decent food/beverage offerings. It was pretty busy in the morning.


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