British Airways Club Europa

Apart from slightly wider seats and a nice meal service, Business class travel in Europe is about as exciting as US domestic first class travel. When I first reserved my seat, the cabin looked pretty empty, but I guess the flight filled up towards the end – the cabin was full. It has a 2-2-2 configuration, and if I knew that the middle aisle actually has an extra little buffer between the two seats, I’d probably have selected those instead.

It was pretty tight (my tall seatmate putting his legs/hands into my space didn’t help), but service was great. For a short, sub-two-hour flight, I think the attendants did a pretty good job of serving a meal, and a pre-departure beverage.

British Airways Club Europa

Lunch service was actually pretty funny. They brought out the meals heated in those foil containers, and after you make your selection, they tipped it over onto a plate. Selection for the day was grilled prawn nicoise salad, or sweet and sour chicken. I opted for the sweet and sour chicken, and actually enjoyed it.

Overall, while it was nice to get some food and beverages and better service on a flight, I don’t see myself shelling out for a short-haul business class flight on such a product.