Lan Lounge at El Dorado Airport

LAN Lounge – the one across from it is the Avianca Lounge

In the El Dorado New International Terminal Airport, there are two lounges available to Priority Pass holders – LAN and Avian. After reading reviews on Lounge Buddy, I decided to go with the better rated one – LAN. Located at the upper level, it is accessible by stairs and elevator between gates 34-35.

I arrived at around 10.45 am on a Friday morning. They served cereal, fruit, and some decent finger sandwiches (I got a delicious smoked salmon). There are also ice cream, yoghurt, and baked goods (muffins/cookies) up for grabs. They also had two choices of freshly squeezed juice. Their espresso machine serves Juan Valdez. I thought it was a bit broken, as I got a latte, and the milk was spewing everywhere. In their fridges at the lower counter, they also have the full range of sodas, water, and Bogota Beer Company beers for self-serve.

Apparently, you can get wine as well. I didn’t explore that option. There were quite a number of areas, e.g. the TV area, the dining area near the self-serve bar counter, and some lounge chairs with tarmac views. After check-in, you will also be given a password to access their internet. The code is unique. Lan Lounge at El Dorado Airport

Self-serve Bar counter

Lan Lounge at El Dorado Airport - espresso machine serves Juan Valdez

Coffee from Juan Valdez

Decent selection at Lan Lounge at El Dorado Airport

My breakfast of champions