Copa AirlinesCopa Airlines is a Star Alliance partner based in Panama City, Panama, and flies out of Tocumen International Airport (PTY), it is a remarkable solid option for exploring the Americas. To date, I have flown about 9 segments with them, to various destination in the Americas.

While their business class is more like the short-haul business class of US domestic airlines, their economy class is pretty awesome. In terms of legroom, it is comparable with Alaska Airlines. In all the segments that I have flown, Copa has always made good time. Moreover, I have flown some really short segments (~1hr 30min), and have been impressed by their inflight service! In a short 1hr 30min flight from Panama City to Bogota, I was given a delicious breakfast box. The flight attendants sure are efficient to serve some 30 rows of passengers complementary food and drinks for such a short flight. They also serve complementary alcohol, including wines, beers, and hard liquor (saw a Johnny Walker Red Label).Copa Airlines

Breakfast box on flight from HAV – PTY

Lunch on Copa Air

Lunch from BOG – PTY – chicken, cucumber, raisin wrap, chocolate, and diet coke

Some of their newer aircrafts also have individual inflight entertainment systems. For instance, the newer B737-800 that brought me from Panama City to Havana featured an individual inflight entertainment system. Earphones were also handed out for free. While the selection wasn’t amazing, it was sufficiently up to date, e.g. Big Bang Theory, movies from the last two years.

If you are visiting the Americas, I would recommend you try out Copa Airlines! They often have very sweet deals from cities like Los Angeles and Miami. They are a solid option for economy class, and after years of abuse in domestic economy class, you will almost be grateful you chose it! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 4.36.53 PM

Where Copa flies