Espresso Vivace
532 Broadway Ave East
Opening Hours: 6 am to 11 pm daily

Located on Broadway Ave East, where there are quite a few food places open till late, it is a good pre or post food location. It is great for both doing work and conversation due to the different spaces available.

1) Super spacious: their espresso bar looks pretty interesting, and it is a bright and spacious coffee shop. If you have a group of four or less, the general area is pretty decent for conversation or for work. If you are coming witha bigger crew or need a quiet place, they do have an inner room that you can use.
2) I can’t comment on the coffee, but their hot chocolate was nice and thick. Price was pretty standard (2.75 for 12 oz)

The tables and chairs in the general area were decent, and they have one red couch. The tables and chairs on the inside were less comfortable, but good for a party of eight or so.


They have some regular cafe baked goods, like cookies, scones, etc. to satisfy the munchies if you need something with your cuppa.


Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (I’d pass on the whipped cream in the future)


Espresso Bar Counter