I know I am not done with all my back posts, but hey, since I’m living in one of the coffee capitals of the world, Seattle, I figured I might as well write up about all the different cafes that I have been to. I shall start with my favourite – Sureshot Espresso.

Sureshot Espresso

4505 University Way NE

Seattle, Washington 98105

Hours: Mon – Fri, 7 am to midnight, Sat – Sun, 8 am to midnight

This is located a little north of 45th street in the University District. They do have some couches if you like to sit in a couch to read (I do!), and between these couches are some sun lamps, if you are having seasonal depression from the grey Seattle skies. It doesn’t usually get crazy crowded. If you are going to show up with a group of friends, I suggest no more than six. That’d be the capacity of their biggest table, and the configuration of the place does not really let you join tables easily. It is also known for its white coffee. White coffee is caffeine for those who don’t like the taste of coffee. It has caffeine, but you won’t taste the coffee taste. I never tried it, but other people think it works. Also, if you don’t have a computer, and need to check something up on the internet, or just use a computer, they have about three computer terminals there. Free usage of the computer (I think for 15 mins) comes with the purchase of something.

Why do I like it?

I like this place because of its character and its price. I was first attracted to this place (and it’s still the main selling point for me) because it has pac-man machines for tables, and pinball machines in the back. It’s basically a pinball cafe, and I just enjoy using a pac-man machine as my writing table. Second thing, it’s probably one of the cheapest places around for an espresso coffee. An eight ounce latte costs around 2.31, and even their fancy smancy drinks like snickers don’t cost more than 4.50. It’s definitely way cheaper than some of the other options in town.

Downside? I find the coffee a little more sour than how I’d like it, but well, it’s still acceptable for me.

For those who are peckish, they serve sandwiches, shortcakes, cakes, ice cream, etc (mostly less than 5 bucks). It is decent, though that’s usually not the reason why I come here.

Wi-Fi: Yes

Loyalty Card: Yes (get one drink free after ten)

Sureshot Cafe - my favourite cafe in Seattle, so far

Sureshot Espresso

Sureshot Cafe - my favourite in Seattle, so far

One of the Pac-Man Tables (yes, you can play it)