Bauhaus Books and Coffee

Update [20 June 2014]: The building that Bauhaus used to be in is now being torn down, and Bauhaus moved to 414 E Pine Street.

Hours: early to midnight.

Wifi: They have it, rotating password, a little wonky.

301 E Pine Street (Capitol Hill)

Hours: early (6-8 am) to 1 am

Located near a couple of bars, this is a place people who need to sober up a little probably can pop in. Personally, I like it for the following reasons:

1) It is near food places that are still open at 1am

2) It’s open till 1am (this is the latest I’ve found so far)

3) It’s spacious (two storeys, not many people)

4) Unoffensive music

These all add up to make it rather conducive for studying.


1) Lighting is a little dim (for studying). But might be good for like a romantic coffee.

2) Hot chocolate was too milky for my taste.

Right in the middle:

1) Price: Drinks were an average price

2) Food: Also serves the usual munchies you’ll expect to find in a coffee place.

Wifi? I think so. My Iphone is wonky these days, so I can’t tell for sure.

Spacious Premise20111113-231942.jpg

Milky Hot Chocolate with pretty art


Bauhaus Books and Coffee