Our last day in Lima. A leisurely Sunday. We arrived bright and early, and when we got to Miraflores, it was pretty dead. Sleeping on the bus was not exactly the most restful sleep, so we napped a bit, before conquering the world.

As usual, our stomachs dictate our actions, so when it rumbled, it was time for lunch. We strolled around some of the alleys around Kennedy Park, and ended up settling at a place that offered free drinks (yes, we’re that cheap and that easy to persuade). I tried a Aji de Gallieni, which is supposed to be chicken in spicy walnut sauce. It kinda tasted creamy, and wasn’t that spicy to my palate, but oh well!

Sunday seems to be a good day to check out Kennedy Park. Many artists lined out their wares along Kennedy Park, and they were quite pretty. I was sorely tempted, but at the same time, way too lazy to carry all the art pieces back. So, too bad! Some people were also doing the tango at the park, and I just stood there, and enjoyed the beautiful dancing.

In keeping with the leisurely pace of Sunday, B and I decided to watch yet another movie, since there are cinemas aplenty near Kennedy Square. While waiting for the movie to start, we parted ways. She went shopping, while I sat down at the old-school saloony-feel Cafe Haiti for a cuppa. We then watched Hangover 2. I enjoyed it more than we did.

I was pretty keen on seeing the beach of Lima, so I suggested Lacomar Plaza for our last stop. She ended up appreciating my suggestion! When we first got there, we were like, “where’s the mall?” Turns out it was below us, and it was bustling! I also got to enjoy the great view of the Lima coastline from the cliff that we were on. We continued to enjoy the view during our last sumptuous dinner at Lacomar, where we had a starter of raw fish cured in lime juice, and a paella for our entree. I also had my first Peruvian cerveza, Cusquena, which was quite light at 5% alcohol level. The impressive thing about this particular bottle of Cusquena was – they actually imprinted the image of Machu Picchu on the bottle. Crazy!

We couldn’t leave Peru without getting some churros, so when we walked by Manolo’s on our way home, churros and chocolates looked like such a great idea, we succumbed. It was absolutely delish!

Portrait on Glass in Miraflores

Sunday Tango in Kennedy Park

Cafe con Leche in Cafe Haiti

Lacomar Plaza

Lima Coast


Churros and Chocolate at Manolo’s

Cafe Manolo