There ain’t nothing like visiting the islands on a perfect summer day in Washington State. This time, we were heading the San Juan Islands, in particular, Friday Harbor.

After picking up H in Kirkland, it was an easy, 1.5 hr drive from there to Anacortes, where we boarded the ferry to Friday Harbor. I am sure it was quite a scenic ride, but all that was lost on us, as we were busy playing Monopoly on Ipad. Very addictive! Well, before we got to games, we actually pulled out a bunch of brochures, and planned our itinerary on the ferry. We decided to visit the state parks on the Western end of San Juan Island, turn back to visit a lavender farm, before returning to Friday Harbour.

Everything was definitely peachy. We had a Subaru Forester with a huge sunroof, so we opened that up, and I drove at like 10 miles per hour, so that both H and B can poke their heads out, and enjoy the pastoral scene of cows and farms, as we slowly rolled towards our destination.

The beaches and the parks of the state parks looked really great. We tried our luck spotting the whales, but we were out of luck. The whales were supposed to go by only at 3 pm that day, but we had to go back to meet H’s hubby for dinner. So that was that. Nevertheless, the scenery was really nice.

We then headed to the lavender farm. Lavender was not in full bloom yet, but we did buy some lavender ice cream. We weren’t expecting to get a full pint when we bought one each, but oh well. The other two gave up on their pints, but me, being the ice cream monster, I finished my pint.

By the time we got back to Friday Harbour, we were kinda just in time for the 2-ish pm boat back. We also had about half an hour before the boat was leaving, so we ran to the nearest restaurant, The Hungry Clam, for some seafood to go. I think I had something like an oyster burger, which tasted excellent. B had a whole seafood basket, which was really a lot of food for one person! We made it just in time for the ferry, where the two girls ran towards the car with the food in hand, while I was starting the engines. We got to enjoy our lunches at a leisurely pace on the boat, and finish our game of Monopoly. (I won!)

San Juan Island

San Juan Island Lighthouse

Last whale sighting

Dried lavender

Oyster burger from Hungry Clam