I knew that Huancayo was a market town, but I guess, having grown up in a city at 0 m sea level, and now, living in a similarly low-lying city, I find it hard to imagine living at 3,200 m (yes, altitude illness is still a bitch). But it is! It was bustling! There were so many people just walking around, and I doubt they were tourists!

We tried hunting for a market so B could do some shopping, but it was not Sunday, and only Sunday was market day. So, we ended up going to the mall that we saw when we first got to Huancayo – Plaza Real. Not quite knowing what to do, we ended up watching a movie – X-men: First Class. Initially, we were under the impression that it’d be in English with Spanish subtitles. Well, it was in Spanish, with no subtitles. Thankfully, being an action movie, we apparently didn’t need to know the dialogue to know what’s going on. So that’s that.

Nightfall, after dinner, we ended up having dinner (I had a 2 USD chicken near our hotel), and trotted towards the bus station for our overnight bus back to Lima. The Cruz del Sur sure was fancy. We had huge leather seats, blankets, pillows, hot tea, and meals. I was in no mood for the last item, so I simply passed out.

Lobby of Hotel Turismo

Exterior of Hotel Turismo

Huancayo’s Plaza Armas

Plaza Real

My cheap and ubiquitous 2 USD roast chicken