Last full day of the road trip in California. The two suggested Santa Monica, which I was happy to comply with. Apparently, they decided to go there because there’s a shopping strip, and a Coach shop. Singaporeans will be Singaporeans no matter where they go. Their national hobby follows them.

Anyway, I enjoyed Santa Monica. Previously, J told me that he describes Bali as the Indonesian version of Santa Monica. There was something gorgeous about the bright sunshine (after several months of grey in Seattle) and Ferris wheels that just make me smile. I had a great time just walking around, particularly exploring the arcade games, and the whole carnival atmosphere of the pier that made the little kid with me happy and excited! 🙂

One other thing that I enjoyed, were all the signs, and memorabilia of Route 66 along Santa Monica. There was just something grand, adventurous and romantic about the whole concept of driving all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica. It almost makes me want to jump on a moped, and follow the route of so many who have done this before me!

I got almost ten days worth of sunshine after about six months of grey, and got to watch Spring Training, so all in all it was a great trip. I didn’t think I could drive that much alone (~1500 miles), nor did I think I would be able to navigate the highways. But turns out that the US really was built for road trips! Am looking forward to the next grand road trip! 🙂