Twas grey whale watching season, and since company was in town, what better time to explore the Puget Sound area, and watch some wildlife along the way, no?

We signed up with Victoria Clipper for a Sunday day trip that’ll bring us whale-watching with trained marine biologists who work in the area, and included a two-hour stop at Whidbey Island, one of the many islands in the Puget Sound. The Victoria Clipper also offers ferry services to Victoria, British Columbia, and trips to other islands in the Puget Sound area.

Honestly, after watching the whale surface just an itsy bitsy bit, I was quite contented with my whale sighting, and just proceeded to snooze until Coupeville in Whidbey Island. Other people were certainly more determined, and some braved the relentless drizzle for more sightings of the whale, and the perfect photo to bring home. Well, it’s 10 am on a Sunday morning, and I do what I like doing best – snoozing.

After all the excitement about the whales, we arrived at Coupeville around noon, and were given two hours to explore the town. The ‘commercial’ area was pretty small, and there were quite a few restaurants near the pier. It has a small town feel, and although there are some historic sights, it would have required a car, and definitely more than two hours. With two hours to spare, what else better to do than to stuff our faces? 😛

Anyway, it was a good choice. M ordered a pasta after her first choice of clams was sold out, while I ordered a mussels in white wine sauce. The portions were generous, the price was fair (mine was 12 bucks), and it was delicious!

After our leisurely Sunday lunch at Coupeville, we boarded the boat and returned to Seattle to end our little day trip.

Grey day for Grey Whale Watching

Coupeville, Whidbey Island

Lunch of Mussels in White Wine Sauce in Coupeville