The plan for today was for the three of us to do a city tour of LA, since the other two haven’t been there. Our first stop? Griffith observatory, for a view of the Los Angeles skyline.

This was definitely one of the coolest part of the trip for me. I visited the Griffith Observatory when I was a kid, at about 9 years old, some 18 years ago. The thing that impressed me the most when I was a kid, was the experiment when you first enter, proving the rotation of the earth, by watching the pegs get knocked down by the pendulum. Imagine my excitement when we walked in, and that experiment was still there!

After that, we had pizza lunch at a nice little Italian place, which served pretty decent pizzas. Wish I could remember its name, but it was on the road leading up the Griffin Observatory. Thereafter, we headed towards Sunset Boulevard to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We pretty much walked most of it, and we stopped to take pictures of the stars we were most interested in. It was also the day after the death of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, so some of her fans laid a memorial over her star.

Our next stop was downtown Los Angeles. We didn’t really step out of the place, but we just drove around the various districts. I guess there wasn’t much of a point stepping out anyway, given that everything was closed?