Much was intended, but little was accomplished summarises my day, though there is some satisfaction to be derived from that for all that I gained.

Firstly, I got to watch The Phantom of the Opera, something that I always wanted to do, though I was somewhat disappointed. The props and stage effects were nothing short of jaw-dropping and imaginative, and the score, great as usual. However, the delivery by the players, (save for the Phantom) was somewhat lack lustre. Perhaps it’s because they were saving their energy for the evening performance? I certainly hope so, or it would be pathetic.

Secondly, I managed to buy two non-fiction books at bargain prices to add to my “China” collection, and along with it, the crowning of Foyle’s as another of my favourite bookshops. I mean, Asterix in Latin??? Unbelievable! Next, I bought my brother his Italian jersey, at SGD 100 cheaper than what I saw in Italy!

Walked around and sat around a lot

Westminster Abbey