My last full day in London was a bit harrassed, as I had to do some last minute shopping within a very limited budget, worrying also whether Harrod’s would be open on a Sunday, since my guidebook indicated otherwise.

But thankfully, Harrod’s was open, and I managed to more or less finish the last minute shopping.

I also walked more than I expected, from my hostel to Harrod’s, to Westminster, before making my way to the British Museum.

The British Museum is really quite a spectacle, in that it’s huge, with a very impressive collection on display (and I heard, an even larger collection not on display)!

But due to pressing time constraints, I just visited the China, South and Southeast Asia gallery before making my way to the surprisingly good museum bookshop. Here, once again, I was tempted, and ended up buying two books, bleargh! I hope my baggage won’t exceed the weight limit of 20kg.

Queue Waiting for Harrod’s to Open its Doors

British Museum