DAYTRIP! I took the Oxford Tube to Oxford this morning, and well, while I only visited one college (Christ Church), and walked by a few others, e.g. Balliol (Jude the Obscure!!!), I’m inspired!

I’m inspired by the intensity of bookshops peppering the streets, and at the same time, the historic and magnificient “dreaming spires”. There must be a certain “feel”, studying in such a quiet and studious city, knowing at the same time, how many great people were here before you, perhaps sitting at the desk that you are at right now!

I spent most of my time book-shopping AGAIN. Borders, Waterstones, The Work, Blackwell etc., I visited them all, of which Blackwell claimed not only most of my time, but also a spot as one of my favourite bookshops! Why? Because I managed to buy the Oxford Companion to Archaeology for 12 pounds, a massive reduction from 50 pounds.

Dinner satisfied my craving for wanton soup, as I decided to splurge on one bowl at the renowned “Four Seasons”. Indeed, it deserves its fame, for they served EXCELLENT roast duck that was deboned! Also, as a Cantonese speaker, I got good service, i.e. cutting the long queue, getting my food fast, and friendly smiles and nods from the usually grim-faced waiters and waitresses.

Where Lewis Caroll wrote Alice in Wonderland