No wonder the opening conversation of Brits centre around the weather. Today, I found myself huddling inside the National Gallery for a longer period of tiem than expected, because of the rainy weather!

The day began well enough with me visiting the Camden Passage book market, and purchasing 2 books for only 3 pounds. After some fumbling about trying to secure a bus ticket, I finally landed myself in Leicester Square, trying to purchase a cheap ticket, but of course, a cheap ticket was to be had, only froma trot to Queen’s Theatre, home to Les Miserables.

With a ticket in my pocket, and four hours to spare, I decided in free entertainment in the form of the National Gallery. I must say that after so many art galleries, my interest is piqued, though I suffered from the usual museum overload after about 5 rooms.

However, the weather was a thwart to any plans, and after ‘art-fatigue’, the only thing I could do was to keep warn and dry int he museum, versus the wet and cold weather outside.

But of course, before burning my seat, I finally got out, to hunt for the recommended Thornton’s ice-cream, which well, perhaps because it came in a stick, tasted somewhat processed. A bigger mistake this was, as it gave me the shivers in the cold and wet weather, that I was very thankful to occupy my seat in Queen’s theatre early.

Les Miserables certainly deserves all its laurels, including the standing ovation for tonight’s performance. It centres on the theme of human nature, both good and bad, and what made this heavy theme easy to digest, was the light-hearted, comedic moments, which did nothing to reduce the power of the message. I’m really glad Jean Valjean got the loudest applause, along with Eponine! Now it’s time for me to read the complete and unabridged version when I get home! (thanks Emily 🙂 )

I think I like London. After the performance, it was the first time I got to see a city at night, and London was bustling amidst yellow street lights!

London at Night