You know it’s dread ahead, when the London skies are stormy, and this is most true, when you’re watching Measure for Measure, in the open-air Shakespeare Globe, in the yard.

However, the performance was superb, being very interactive and engaging, not to mention high energy. While the weather would have been pathetic fallacy perfect for a tragedy, the energy of the play, and the laughter derived from the comedy was enough to warm the soul of my very cold, numb and web body.

Today, I also lost the very first thing in Europe– my bus tickets. But to testify to the honesty of Europeans, it probably dropped out of my pockets due to my carelessness.

After a dreary day, I have hot food, relatively long term accomodation (5 nights), and last but not least, home to look forward to.

Inside Shakespeare Globe

Watching Measure for Measure from the Yard