The Fuggerei is a quaint little place that doesn’t occur to you at first as anything of any significance, but when you realise that 500 years ago, someone actually conceived a welfare settlement that preserves human dignity out of the pure charity of his heart, the whole place gains a new significance. Today, there are still some senior citizens living there, with very nealty kept, and well-decorated quarters. (that guy actually bothered to provide a landscaped garden even back then!)

Lunch was a sausage-hunt which took over half an hour of street-combing, and just at the point of giving up and settling for something else, a sausage stall was found!

As I arrived in Munich in the afternoon, there was time enough yet to do a bit of sight-seeing, and most naturally, I headed towards the old town square, the supposed heart of all European cities. Well, just like all European cities, Munich was only differentiated by the Glockenspiel, which is the darkest Gothic-looking building with lots of pink flowers, and a clock whose toys come to life at the strike of 1700. It was certainly cute that on the second round, one of the knights fell after the duel!

Dinner went to feeding the German sausage frenzy, and hence, I got a long whitish sausage from Yorma’s, which cost EUR 2.


Fuggerei, Augsburg

Glockenspiel, Munich