Initially, I intended to take the public transport around for the day, but eventually, money-sense prevailed over lazy bones, and so another long day is ahead for my tired legs.

Route for the day– Fori Imperiali, Colosseum, Spanish Steps. The early part of the day was personal exploration of the massive archaeological complex of Fori Imperiali. By accident, I found a shortcut to the colossal queues to the colosseum– buying tickets from the Palatine Hills!

Relative shopping– buying stuff for relatives– took up the rest of my day. First, I went to the Spanish Steps to get Ferragamo shoes for my auntie, only to find out that the collection has changed. However, I had better luck with my uncle’s Hard Rock Cafe bear, which I found with ease. AFter 3 days of intensive walking, that was when I bowed out and decided to head back to the hotel, ending my adventures in Rome.

Maybe a good meal tomorrow is my way of bidding goodbye to Rome.

Archaeologists at work at Fori Imperiali

Inside the Colesseum