What I thought would be a lazy day turned out to be a full day of excitement. Firstly, no thanks to my laziness, I managed to get a train ticket leaving the station at 11 34, when my last check-in time at the flight counter was 12 15! Whilst waiting for the train, I was agonizing over the various ways by which I could get to the airport on time! Thankfully, by God’s grace, I did not have to pay financially for my stupidity, as the airport shuttle was waiting, just as I left the train!

My next adventure involved trying to bump into Elly on the very crowded Oxford Street, as my phone battery went flat! (talk about bad timing!) As I was VERY late for our 4pm date, we missed each other, and in our brief phone conversation, she mentioned Marks & Spencer, so there I stood for an hour, hoping she would return. And though it was six before we finally met, I was so happy to catch up with her! To top off this crazy day, we saw a rainbow as I was sending her off! Amazing!