Grand plans for the day– The Vatican City. It must be the walk, but it seems as if I ceased to get amazed by things. However, there is still some amusement to be had in sending out postcards from the Vatican, fulfilling my obligations to my friends.

After 4 hours of wandering around in the Vatican, I was almost desperate to get out of the place. The place is simply a maze! I must admit that the ceilings are beautiful, and it’s amazing to think how much effort must have gone into sculpturing the whole place!

After ‘escaping’ from the Vatican, I managed once again, in my brilliance to get lost. Strangely, wandering around managed to bring me to the Piazza Novana, a huge detour before I managed to find the Spanish steps. Finally, after a futile wander yesterday in the Fountain of Trevi, I managed to find the Ferragamo shop in front of the Spanish steps. There must be some Italian star in the Prada shop, as there were like a zillion people gathered outside. But with the impunity accorded to tourists, I was allowed to past, heh! (okay, it’s Brad Pitt. Someone saw Brad Pitt)

Dinners have been supermarket affairs for me, as they are the cheapest alternatives for me. Wallet damage? EUR1.45!

Vatican City

Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica

The Ornate Hallway of the Vatican

Very crowded Spanish steps