I just had one of the most amazing flights of my life in an ambivalent way– the flight not only left early, but it also arrived much earlier than the stated time!

On the plane, I suddenly realised that I had lost my reservation slip at Hostel Alessandro, and with it, the directions to the hostel. And hence, (with my 15kg pack) I could only hope that the journey to my hostel would be shorter than that in Vienna. But thank God, I managed to find it without much difficulty!

After some packing and reorganisation, I decided to start exploring Rome with the nice map I was given. (money saved again!) As the Colessuem was the nearest attraction, that was my first stop. After all my fantasies about the amazing emotions I might feel at sights as such, I realised that it was just another piece of architecture to me. However, Rome certainly appears different, compared to the rest of the cities I’ve been to, chiefly for the Fori Imperiali.

At 19 00, I decided to give up my Let’s Go Rome: The Student Travel Guide route and just head back to the hostel for free pizza, as I got lost. However, I return to be disappointed, as it turns out to be served in another hostel. But thankfully, the huge breakfast at Hotel Palais Portia was enough to last me through the day.

Nightfall, I met two Singaporean guys and we chatted a bit and watched a football game together.


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