A neat summary of my day:


  • Drinking Vienese coffee with Christine and chatting
  • The scenic rail journey from Vienna to Klagenfurt
  • The nice room to myself in Hotel Palais Porcia
  • Catching up with friends and family via the internet


  • Buying the wrong train ticket, and ending up paying for another
  • Paying EUR77 for a room in Hotel Palais Porcia
  • Having no dinner whatsoever
  • Finding out that one of my library books wasn’t returned
  • All alone in a room in Hotel Palais Porcia
  • The rain

What can I say? This is the only leg of my journey that wasn’t planned right down to the last detail, and how sorry I was for not doing so. Firstly, I landed up in Klagenfurt with no accomodation whatsoever, and being totally clueless about the orientation of the whole town. Wandering around town without any clue is bad enough, wandering around town with a 15kg bag, two wooden crossbows, wet sandles with the relentless drizzle is worse! How bad can things get? They can get so bad that you speak German to some people only for them to tell you that they are Italians; going to the nearest hotel you find, only to find out that the room costs EUR77 per night; taking the room anyway, only to be spooked (think thick heavy red curtains, an ornate chandlerlier, a mirror by your bedside, tapestry, heavy carved wooden wardrobe).

But well, when things reach a pit, they’ll always pick up. I like the serenity of Klagenfurt, the cheap internet, and of course, the mystery mountain that just appeared in the background of Klagenfurt when the rain finally passed. If only it weren’t rainy, I believe Klagenfurt is a pretty place, especially at night.

Town of Klagenfurt with a mountain in the background

Room in Hotel Palais Porcia