Today is a lazy day. I woke up with aches all over my body, and vowed to cycle through Vienna instead, though I was eventually detered by the EUR13 charge. Instead, I got myself a 24hr transport card, and bussed around Vienna with their public transport system.

Initially, I inteded to visit their 21km park, but when I got out of the station and saw what I thought looked like a huge construction yard, I changed my mind, and went back to the city centre, falling asleep on the tram that went round the city centre.

In the afternoon, I visited the gardens of the Belvedere for lunch. As it was a little way out, there were fewer people, and hence, I enjoyed a peaceful lunch on a bench. After lunch, I walked through a side gate. I really wasn’t prepared for what was to unfold before my eyes– a HUGE landscaped garden with sculptures just presented itself before my very stunned eyes!

Post-Belverdere was more like a journey to make myself hungry for “Centimeter” restaurant. I viewed the photographic exhibition near the Museum Quarter, visited the Natural History Museum (by mistake; now I know “kunst” is the german word for art) before making my way to the legendary “Centimeter” restaurant. (legendary for its huge portions of food) There, I was served a plate 30cm in diameter, totally filled with fries, topped with two huge slabs of schnitzel! I almost exploded from all the food, that when Christine, my roommate, ate in front of my, I just felt like puking!

But well, my gluttony did not end there. I actually went to the coffee house near my hostel, and ate a cake (which I mistook for baked Alaska) and had a cup of Cappuccino!

The night was quietly spent with Christine, who was sick. As she wanted water, I volunteered to get it for her. This is the first time I experienced a difference in culture. As it was Saturday, most shops were closed. Therefore I had to walk to the train station before I could get any provisions. Lazy Germanic weekends.

Gardens of Belvedere

Town Centre of Vienna

Falungong outside St. Stephen’s