I’m now on the train to Vienna (I think). This is really a very adventurous ride for a first train ride. This is one of those trains that split towards two different directions at one point, and in this case, part of the train will be heading to Vienna (where I intend to go), while the other part of the train will be heading towards Budapest.

Firstly, standing on the platform that wrote “WIEN”, I naturally assumed that this is where my train was heading towards. However, when I saw the sign “PRAHA-BUDAPEST”, my alarm bells started ringing!

And indeed, after asking a nice local, it turns out that I am indeed in the wrong carriage! Well, great that I found out early, or I’ll be in Budapest, deported, and summarily packed by to Singapore with love.

Today, I intend to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Looks like I might just have only two days in Vienna afterall, since I will have to catch a flight at Klagenfurt. Oh well, I guess it’s nice to be away from the crowds for once.

Walking towards my hostel (Wombats City) made me think I would rather die than walk again. However, I was greeted with an EXCELLENT room, and when I got to the RING, a gorgeous view awaited me! Just when I thought the ornate museums were all Vienna was about, I turned round to see a gorgeous palace inviting me to walk further.

Nightfall, it’s the first time I enjoyed so much privacy in my life.

Train in Prague Train Station

One of the several ornate buildings of Vienna

Another ornate building in the ring in Vienna