Today is castle day. I visited Hradcany castle on the West bank of the river. Beautiful as anything in Prague, what amazed me most was the nooks and crannies for exploration, and the spectacular view I got from the tower of Prague (yes, after a gruelling 200-I-dunno-how-many steps)! I must have taken over 50 pictures from the tower alone!

After the castle, I basically started wandering round Prague, though to my horror, I ended up at Charles Bridge again!

Post-Charles Bridge, I was back at Stare Mesto. With my very light purse, the only thing I could do was to stare at all the windows of good food! Thankfully, I managed to wander into a market, where I got a huge slab of pork cutlet (schnitzel) for a mere CSK 17.50.

After the late lunch, I managed to find a cheap internat cafe to peck out two mails before returning to my hostel.

Though I initially intended to watch the sunet on the Vitkov Hill, the plan was abandoned, when I realised how deserted this hill was! This plan ended up being a jog round the Husitka neighbourhood.

On my little jog, I finally realised where the metro station near my hostel was (yes, that’s after three days in Prague), and I also discovered a mini flea market of sorts. It’s only unfortunate that I had no money whatsoever left to buy anything. But well, sights and experiences come free!

(That’s the trouble with having maps, especially lousy ones. You dare not venture out of the confines of the map for fear of falling off the surface of the marked boundary)

Looking Back Down on the Steps I took to Get to Hradcany Castle

Part of Hradcany Castle

View of Prague


Street Performers

Cafe in Old Town Square with Coal-Burning Warmers