I’m proud of myself. I negotiated almost half of the heart of Prague on foot today, seeing most of the sights in the Stare Mesto; the Jewish Quarter (Josefov), Old Town Square, National Museum, Muncipal House, Powder Tower, Charles Bridge etc. I was even persuaded to pay for a performance of Mozart where the musicians performed in traditional costumes!

Praha is a beautiful place for its architecture, pace of life and people. There’s an array of architectural styles, and I really wished I knew the subtle differences. Not only do some buildings have the most exquisite carvings and paintings, but the way the town is somewhat haphazardly laid out actually makes it more interesting to explore than the straight roads of Singapore. Furthermore, cars do stop for people at pedestrian crossings, and so far, I haven’t heard anyone honk! The Czech people are a pleasant bunch, always ready to help, and to return a smile!

The much anticipated Czech dumplings are quite a disappointment though. It just tastes like flavoured bread! I must say it’s pretty filling for the stomach though! However, their sausages are quite another story altogether! It is very juicy and tasty! I’m simply looking forward to another one!

Hopefully tomorrow wouldn’t be as damaging to my pocket as today, since Prague is a shopping paradise for its ceramic products, the wooden toys, the mugs, etc. You get the picture.

Tram Car

Municipal House

Czech Museum of Cubism

A Child’s Dream

Haphazard Alleyways