Today is really “a journey of the journey”. Firstly, my thirst for knowledge was enhanced, after an almost life-changing experience in the Natural History Museum in London. The interactive and intelligent way by which the material was presented definitely got me interested in geology, making me determined to pick it up when I get back to Singapore.

Next, I had my first encounter with a budget airline– BMI baby. It was very much a normal carrier in every way, except towards the end, the pilot said that there was something wrong with the plane, and so it will take a little long to land! At first, it didn’t occur to me that we were in any danger, but it was after we landed, when I noticed that all the fire engines were out and waiting!

Praha. Customs were pretty quick, though the bus that was supposed to come in 10min intervals simply didn’t. Coming from London, transportation is cheap here– a CSK12 ticket got me to the metro station that was closest to my hostel.

However, here was where my harrowing experience began. Given that it was written that it’s just a 5 min walk, of course I decided to walk, even with my 12kg backpack on! Firstly, I found out from their “policie” that I was walking in the exact wrong direction! Next, upon heading towards the direction of my hostel location, I found out from a group of teenagers that it was up the hill! That was when I totally gave up, flagged a cab, and asked to be taken there. Afterall, it was already onwards of 23 00, and I was lugging 12kg of luggage! It also turns out that the hostel was located on the second floor! On first sight, I almost wanted to check myself into a hotel, though the Bohemian feel of the hostels changed my mind eventually. (and yes, the toilet paper is brown!)

20 SGD Dorm room in Prague Hostel