After dropping my bags with relief at Astor Hyde Park, I started trotting out with a map, with some plans in mind, but the weight of my sling bag with my aching feet was enough of a lethal combination for me to abandon my plans.

Therefore, I decided to start being ‘local’, buying food from the local Sainsbury, and eating at a park on a bench. In sum, not a very productive day, since I only visited the Natural History Museum. But then again, I guess I can be forgiven, given my aching body? (I actually paid a pound just to get back!)

However, I did manage to find the half-price ticket booth, even though I decided to forego watching a msuical tonight. Well oh well, some money saved!

Walking through the ‘Orchard Road’ (Oxford Street) of London isn’t exactly the most fantastic feeling in the world. Shop after shop seems to ‘reappear’ after a while– Topshop, Bodyshop, Marks & Spencers– it starts to get boring. Oh well, I guess that would be something when I’m finally in the mood to shop.

Grinning Dino Greeting me at the Natural History Museum