Yerevan Airport Express Bus

Yerevan Airport Bus from Zvartnots International Airport to Town

Price: 300 Drams

Distance: 15 km/10 miles

Time taken: ~30 min

Frequency: every 30 min?

Bus Number: 201

Where to find the bus?

From Yerevan Zvartnorts International Airport

The Airport Express Bus is located at Arrivals level. It is on the island beyond where the taxis are lined up. You should see the signage fairly easily. It costs 300 drams, and there’s wifi and credit card advertised. I wouldn’t count on it. I paid cash.

Yerevan Airport Express Bus

Yerevan Airport Express Bus

From Yerevan to Zvartnots International Airport

I boarded at Yeritasardakan. The bus can be “found” opposite the SAS supermarket. It makes several stops along Abovyan, Amiryan etc, Kilikia central bus station. (more on this later)

An article online suggests that the frequency is half hourly. I’d say, it shows up when it shows up, and it really depends on the driver. When I went on a mission to locate the bus the day before, one driver was waiting at Yeritasardankan, and departed on the dot at 13.00.

When I actually went to take the airport express bus from Yeritasardakan, the driver was 5 min late. And although Yeritasardakan is actually the first stop, he didn’t actually make a hard stop. Thankfully someone else was also looking for this bus, so he stopped when she flagged him down. In the other “stops” that he was supposed to make, he just made a quick visual scan, and kept driving.

If you are planning on taking the bus from other stops, be sure to be standing by the side of the road, scanning for the bus.

I’ve posted some maps of where to find the bus.


At Yeritasardakan, wait across the street from SAS supermart, right by the underpass.


On Abovyan, wait around the benches opposite the Singing Fountains.