Total spent: 650 NAD (250 NAD for minibus from Walvis Bay to Windhoek, 350 NAD for taxi to airport, 50 NAD for food + drinks) + 7500 Marriott Points

Accommodation: Protea Thuringerhof

I was picked up again at 6.30 am at my hotel, and started the 6+ hr minibus ride (one of our wheels was low on pressure and required a 20 min stop to fix the issue) back to Windhoek. I spent time between napping and staring at the desert landscape.

I arrived in Windhoek at 1.30 pm (I was the first pick up and last drop off – your time on the bus will vary) to see it teeming with life, instead of the dead town of Saturday. I only walked along Independence – some cool architecture in town. I wound up eating a “burger” at a café for 30 NAD, and resupplied with fluids and a snack at Shoprite for 20 NAD. (Sorry, no pictures from this part of the trip, because I forgot)

I booked my hotel last minute, like two days before. The Marriott/Starwood merger has been wrecking havoc on their website/booking system/etc. Also, I was deciding between Marriott group or Hilton group. I wanted the Protea Furstenhof (also in Windhoek), which was dropping in category (and hence, point price), but by the time I got around to booking, it was sold out. So I simply went back to Protea Thuringerhof. It cost more points than the first night because it wasn’t on point savers. I really do like the flexibility miles and points gives me.

That ends my adventure in Namibia. My last 350 NAD (rate was actually 320 NAD, but he didn’t have change. He was going to get change, but I didn’t care enough about 30 NAD, so I told him to keep it) was spent on a taxi for the 40km journey from Windhoek to the airport. The taxi guy is the hotel’s guy. If you’re interested, you can contact Erick here. He seems like a nice, honest guy.