Guam Airport Sagan Bisita Lounge

Where: Main Terminal, Opposite Gate 7

Hours: 12.00 am – 10.00 am; 1.00 pm – 5.00 pm

The Sagan Bisita Lounge is a small-ish L-shaped lounge with a lot of sofa seating. There are no tarmac views, but it is an adequate lounge. I spent an hour there during my layover from Palau to Narita, and was there in the wee hours of the morning. I accessed it via my Priority Pass Select, compliments of Citi Prestige.

So, groggy review alert! (Yes, I have other priorities in life)

Guam Airport Sagan Bisita Lounge


Even for the wee hours of the morning, there were some breakfast foods on offer. There were eggs, some sort of meat, baked beans, and instant noodles (amongst others). I only noticed the eggs because I went to the bathroom, and came back to see my friend with a plate of eggs. She apparently has special talent to find eggs anywhere in the world!

There was a decent alcohol selection. At the end, there was also a fridge stocked with all sorts of soft drinks. I believe I had an iced tea.


The bathroom was a bit dim, but otherwise, clean. No complaints.

Guam Airport Sagan Bisita Lounge

Wifi/Power Outlet

There was some wifi, and it was ok. I believe there was also a power outlet by the sofa I sat.


It’s a perfectly ok lounge for stopover. It has sufficient food/beverages/wifi to keep you happy, and I had a great nap on the couch.