Grand Hyatt Santiago

I wish I had more to report. I had initially intended to visit Valparaiso today, but travel fatigue was hitting me hard, and I just wanted to veg out the whole day today. I just convinced myself that it’s ok, because I don’t see this South America trip as the last time I’ll visit Chile or Argentina, so it’s ok to leave things for another trip sometime in the future.

I just stayed in bed for the most part and enjoyed the spectacular view of Santiago with the Andes in the backdrop. When it got late enough in the day, I eventually decided I was really craving American Chinese food. With some luck, there’s actually a PF Chang’s at the mall near the hotel. Funnily enough, I’ve never actually tried PF Chang’s in all my years living in the US. Their orange chicken was ok.

Grand Hyatt Santiago

Yes, this IS the view from my hotel room window

I spent some time reading in Starbucks, and then went back to my room eventually to capitalize on their large HDTV, and started a MLB game on my laptop, and streamed it on their TV. Sometimes, that’s ok on vacation, too!