Argentina: Wandering in Cordoba, 20 July 2016


My only full day in Cordoba. My hotel isn’t exactly in the centre of town, but it was probably a 15 min walk to the heart of Cordoba, where the Jesuit block is located. Cordoba was founded in the 1500s, making it one of the oldest Spanish colonial cities, and the architecture reflects that.


I don’t have much to contribute to the conversation on Cordoba, but it’s a pretty lively town that makes it perfect for walking. Nice architecture, many passage ways for exploring, and a rather compact city centre are some of the pluses. I wanted to check out the Jesuit mission, but the number of bugs biting me stopped me in my tracks. I did go to the Colegio Nacional, which is pretty cool. They maintained the colonial facade, but updated the interior of the building.

Cordoba Wandering around for food was quite a challenge. I was initially inclined towards trying their local fastfood, but then the lines turned me off. I ended up exploring the various passage ways, letting various sign boards posted outside to guide me. I wound up at a cafe that surrounded a fountain, and had a ham sandwich with fries. Tostados con fritta, Cordoba

The rest of my day was spend dealing with logistics like changing money, and figuring a way to the airport for my flight the next day.



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