Rosario Central Station - no longer in use.

This was my first morning without P. I got back into my routine of solo travel, which generally involves taking in one or two tourist sights before settling down to read. In the morning after breakfast, I went on wikitravel and found out that Che Guevara’s birth home is in Rosario, between Entres Rios and Urquizas so I took a short walk there. The building looks lived in, and it’s now an office/residential combination. There’s simply a little marker noting that he was born here.


(It’s that little icon there)

Che Guevara's birth place, Rosario

One of the lovely things about Rosario is, it’s a nice-sized town. There are plenty of lovely little cafes, but it’s not too busy. I wandered down Entres Rios, and finally settled on Om Cafe. Om Cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating looks like it’s set in a ruined building, but done very tastefully. The interior of the cafe features white-washed bricks, high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows, offering great views of the busy Tucuman street. It’s furnished with white tables and white chairs. I had a breakfast set, which featured two media lunas and a cafe con leche, and it is insane value at ~40 peso (< 2 usd). I had a very enjoyable time reading in the cafe.

Om Cafe, Rosario

Cafe con leche at Om Cafe, Rosario

In the mid-afternoon, I decided to stretch my legs, and took a walk towards the park along Rio Parana. It’s not a bad place to spend some time strolling. The park features several eateries, some of which do have all-day ish dining, if you are caught between lunch and dinner. There are also a couple of clubs for people who like the night life. After the enjoyable stroll, I got back to the hotel as I needed some internet.


I got lazy in the evening and simply dined at the restaurant on the same block as my hotel. I was really craving fried chicken, so I ordered and had an excellent chicken cutlet.

Pollo suprema con fritta, Rosario